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Two Friends, Two Properties, Two Successes!

This Renovation Circle success story of Kate Potter and Suzette Halliwell might just be the one to inspire you to take the plunge.

Kate and Suzette met through The School of Renovating’s Wonder Women course and quickly realised how much they have in common on their approach to renovating for profit. They both also happened to live around the same area, so Suzette decided to give Kate a lift home after the course. On their drive home, they instantly clicked when they started talking about their dreams and mutual interest in renovating. With a combined 20 years of Project Management experience, both Kate and Suzette are no strangers to home renovating. Long story short, these experts were ready to take things to the next level.

“Suzette and I have a lot of experience with renovating, but we each have different strengths so it’s great to combine those and create a team that can cover all bases” adds Kate.

Deciding to join forces

Before discovering My Property Circles, they weren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of doing a group renovation project. However, after joining one of My Property Circles’ webinars and learning about how our structure could work for them, they knew it was meant to be. Talk about perfect timing! It felt fated, so these ladies decided to join forces and approached us to help set up their Renovation Circle.

Kate explains, “The whole process can be a bit confusing, and it would have probably been even more puzzling if we decided to navigate it alone.” Through My Property Circles these renovators now have a secure legal structure that protects them from one another including a support network of experts to help build their dream renovation portfolio. To Suzette, the opportunity to bring investors in for larger projects down the track under a legal banner is another important benefit.

The Before

Shortly after, they managed to secure a beautiful art deco style property in Newcastle, NSW. As their main objective is to renovate, sell and make a profit, it is vital that they engage the right people to collaborate – from painter, electrician, building designer, lighting, to buyer’s agent.

The ladies renovated the house closely to keep it within the original footprint, but they added a main bedroom with ensuite, open plan living, separate laundry, and converted the outdoor area to a second living area.

The After

Bright future ahead

In just 12 weeks, Kate and Suzette successfully finished their Newcastle property renovation and sold it on the market for a comfortable profit! They are keen to continue doing more renovation projects through Renovation Circle by sticking to their ‘formula for success’ and plan to rinse and repeat that for a while.

These ladies are creative, ambitious, and forward thinking. Kate and Suzette have recently bought their second property and are currently very busy renovating it. You can follow along on their Instagram account @renos_by_kateandsuzette

Does this inspire you to start your own Renovation Circle? Get in touch with us today to express your interest.