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Founder Nicola Mills tells us how My Property Circles all began…

nicola mills

Nicola Mills


Going back many years ago where it all began. I started drafting a plan on when I wanted to retire and how much money I would need to not work and be able to have all the things in life I enjoy.  This included going on holiday with the family, getting my nails done, occasionally enjoying an international business class flight etc. 

After putting together my retirement “dream list” and calculating the money I’d need, without working, I nearly fell of my chair.

I concluded that the safest, surest way to make this amount of money over time was through property investing but I had to start immediately to be able to reach my retirement goals.

The problem was I didn’t have a big enough deposit to invest in property on my own. So I called up a couple of friends and asked “Do you want to start buying investment properties with me? We can buy a property a year over 5 years. We share the cost and deposits and at the end we can sell all the properties and keep all the money.”

We all pooled our money, chose our first property and received a loan from the bank. Before progressing any further, I visited a reputable lawyer and she worked out a structure for our group to protect us from each other.  I had just been through a divorce, so she was basically protecting them from myself. The structure she created protects each member of the group from other members’ problems if they occur.  

We bought our first property shortly after and called it the shack. It wasn’t worth much, but we’ve steadily bought a property every year since.   

That is basically how it works. You come together, put your money together and this can be different amounts of money. Some people have more money available than others so within this secure structure (unit trust) everyone owns a percentage of shares based on the amount of money they put in. 

With the first Property Circle I started we are about to buy our sixth property. I’ve also initiated more Property Circles with other people, so I’m well on the way to meeting the goals I set all those years ago.