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Join a Property Circle from $28,000!

Managing Director – Claire Taylor – 08 October 2020

Are you looking for an investment opportunity for your Self-Managed Super Fund?

Do you have some spare funds getting basically no return from the bank?

My Property Circles currently has an exciting opportunity to invest in a Circle with no mortgage – where all profits are returned annually to members. The minimum investment in this Circle is $28,112 which will purchase 5% of the Circle.

About the Circle:

  • The Circle’s initial property will be purchased in cash.
  • At the end of the first year of the Property Circle will have access to up to $560,000 in equity.
  • This can be leveraged to borrow and fund additional properties.
  • The Circle will aim to purchase up to 4 properties in 5 years.
  • If Members vote to extend the term of the Circle, you could purchase up to 8 properties in 10 years.

About the property investment:

The Circle’s’ first property is a dual-occupancy property that has been secured for a competitive price. It is no longer available in this development due to recent price hikes. The property will be completed to the highest standards. It comes with a guaranteed rental yield of 7% for the first two years. This will provide you a healthy return on your investment (reverts to 6.5% year 3).

What are my rights?

As a Circle Member you have voting rights. This will help to decide on the future investment strategy of the Circle. The Circle may agree to issue additional units to raise capital for new investments in the future. These Units could be purchased by existing members, or listed on the My Property Circles platform for new Members to purchase.

What if I need to leave earlier?

There is absolutely no obligation to contribute additional cash for future purchases. Whilst the original term of the Property Circle is 5 years, if you need to sell your Units earlier you will be able to list them for sale on the My Property Circles platform at the current market rate. There is no need to sell property just because one member needs to exit.

Remind me, what is a Property Circle?

A Property Circle is a Unit Trust with a Corporate Trustee that is in charge of the day to day operations of the Circle. The Corporate Trustee works closely with My Property Circles to support the trustee with legal, accounting, mortgage conveyancing, property management and the overall smooth running of the Property Circle Unit Trust.

While fully supported by My Property Circles and key suppliers, final decisions are made by the Unit Holders (that’s you!) and the Director/s of the Property Circle Unit Trust.

To receive the full information package and application form, please contact Claire Taylor

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