Felicity invests in Property for Her Family’s Future - MPC

Felicity invests in Property for Her Family’s Future

As the Property Circle Manager, Felicity is passionate about helping people reach their property goals stress- free. It can be quite daunting (especially for first time investors) to go through the journey of engaging with lawyers, banks, and legal professionals. This is where Felicity comes in. Felicity helps our groups and ensures that process is as easy as possible for each Property Circle.

Hi Felicity, how did you get into My Property Circles?

My initial reason to start property investing has always been for my children. I used my SMSF to purchase properties with the hopes of passing them on to my children when they’re older. It’s truly a long-term investment for me.

Felicity (right) with Nicola Mills(founder) and Amelia Harris(General Manager)

What do you love the most about My Property Circles?

I love the accessibility, anyone of any status, age, or circumstance can get their foot in the door through property investing in a group.

What do you think is the beauty of people buying investment properties together?

I think it’s great that everyone can realise their dreams together. You have people to share the same emotional journey with and to support you through all the motions.

Farmhouse or city apartment?


Contemporary or classic interior?

Contemporary – well industrial if I can be specific!

Summer or winter?

Summer all the way.

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