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Do you have real estate FOMO like me?

“How can I get my finances together quickly to make that investment?”

“Should I have taken the plunge years ago…”

“What is the best time to invest?”

The constant internal monologue, when to, when not to, is this the right time, am I too late, am I missing out?

The never ending rollercoaster of FOMO!

Generally I am quite, risk adverse; so I have always worried about having my eggs in one basket. I like the idea of buying a house together and sharing the risk, so not being the sole owner of the property investment is ideal – But how do you start? And how do you best to approach this? That is where My Property Circles steps in, making investing in property with others easier. 

For those who are new to My Property Circles, we are the go-to destination for investing together; our brilliant team can help you find the right experts to assist in the purchasing of properties, carefully curate legal documents and help you navigate through an investing structure that suits you.

My Property Circles brings together a like-minded community of investors with a focus on achieving property dreams sooner.

Sounds good right!?

One could say “I am too late to the party, property prices are out of control”, it’s something even my internal monologue has said, however, we can keep making these excuses for ourselves and wait for the perfect time but there is never a perfect time, and I don’t want to be having the same conversation in my head in 5 years’ time.

Someone recently said to me the property market is booming but if you buy well, plan to hold the property and ride the cycles – you can win when investing in property.

So what gave me the drive to create my own property circle? Simple:

  1. I will be investing a smaller amount of money then if I was doing it on my own.
  2. It’s something I have always wanted to do, but never had the capital behind me to take the next step.
  3. I can invest sooner because I am not waiting around to save the total deposit alone.
  4. Most importantly, my aspirations of building and growing a sustainable investment property portfolio will come true!

With Property investing, I am taking control of my future and finding a long-term strategy for investing.

So, for now, I’m going to try and stop ‘predicting’ the market – and instead start asking my family and friends who is ready to start this journey with me.

Who wants to take the plunge like me and get on the property ladder with others? Let’s share the risk and reward and make it happen!

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