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30 minute info session

How property investing with others works

Learn the ins and outs of property investing with others and start investing with a small deposit today

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Have all your questions about join investing answered today!

How do you invest in property with others?

How is investing with others made safe?

Do I have to know the people in my Circle?

How do you leave the Circle?

Is it possible to live on the property?

Does each investor contribute the same amount and how is it divided?

Can I choose what property is selected?

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What Property Circle members say:

"My Property Circles is for everyone. Everyone who wants to invest in property but can't afford to do it on their own."- Sam B

"I would describe My Property Circles to friends, family and my clients as an all-in-one solution."- Jo V


claire taylor

Claire Taylor

Managing Director
jo vadillo

Jo Vadillo

Non-Executive Director
felicity ball

Felicity Ball

Circle Manager