How It Works | My Property Circles

My Property Circles makes it easier to invest in property with others.

We offer

image Ready to go legal

Carefully prepared legal documents by industry experts to make sure you are protected when investing with others. No awkward pre-nup type of conversations with other Circle members.

  • Receive the necessary legal documents to help set up and manage your Property Circle including Unit Holder Agreement, Shareholder Agreement
  • We encourage transparency and best practice in the market, with a view to help facilitate every member making informed decisions.
  • Free templates for loan agreements, management agreements and more
image A team of

We have engaged partners that are the best in their field to help you get into the property market. We can help you every step of the way.
But remember, you are the boss! You decide who you’d like to engage.

  • Receive access to independent partners who can help set up and support the Property Circle Unit Trust.
  • Receive a free one hour consultation with an Independent Accountant.
  • Receive assistance with feasibility studies, depreciation schedules and more on your first property
image Property Investment
Portal (PIP)

Our Property Investment Portal (PIP) increases transparency. Every member has access to the same information at the same time, from one place.

  • Have a real time overview of your Properties, the tenants, the maintenance needs, key documents, financial reports (should you wish to have them stored here).
  • All your documents on the go! No more frantically looking for important documents.
  • Receive a free one hour coaching session with the founder of My Property Circles, Nicola mills who now owns multiple investment properties with her Property Circle including residential and commercial properties.
image Support for you &
your supplier

Through the experience of key employees and suppliers we are here to support and assist you. We have the knowledge and expertise in establishing, and operating Property Circle Unit Trusts.

  • Receive ideas, tips and communication via the on-line portal(PIP), webinars, as well as case studies provided by our key experts
  • Before, during and after circle information and support from our expert team to you and your suppliers.
  • Receive regular case studies from other Property Circles on what works or doesn't work for their group.