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How does it work?

A property Circle is a group of likeminded investors, friends or family who group their resources and purchase investment properties together

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    Join or start a Property Circle with likeminded investors

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    Share the cost of deposits and expenses

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    We guide you through the purchase of your properties

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    Let our team of experts take care of the daily running of your properties

how it works

Our Fees

  • There is a one-off set-up fee of $7,500 per Property Circle
  • Property Circle administration fee: $1,500 per annum/property
  • Exit fee: $5,000 per Circle OR $500 per individual
* Any returns made by your Property Circle may affect your own personal tax situation. This will be determined by your own accountant.

My Property Circles does not take a share of any money you make through investing – that is entirely yours to keep