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How does it work?

A property Circle is a group of likeminded investors, friends or family who group their resources and purchase investment properties together. You call the shots but our team of experts are here to help if you need them.

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    Join or start a Property Circle with likeminded investors

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    Share the cost of deposits and expenses

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    We recommend Property Buyer experts to help find the right property for your group

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    Our team of experts can provide ongoing support if you need them

how it works

Our Fees

  • There is a one-off set-up fee of $9,900 shared between the Property Circle members (eg: 4 members, $2,475 each)
  • Property Circle administration fee: $1,500 per annum/property
* Any returns made by your Property Circle may affect your own personal tax situation. This will be determined by your own accountant.
* All fees are subject to GST.
* If you engage one of the Partners, My Property Circles may receive a commission

My Property Circles does not take a share of any money you make through investing – that is entirely yours to keep